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FreeFOAM is a cross-platform toolkit for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based on OpenFOAM®. It is geared towards "freeing" OpenFOAM from its system dependence, enabling it to run natively on a variety of operating systems. Currently it still requires a Unix-like environment. FreeFOAM has been tested to build (and partially to run) on

FreeFOAM uses the excellent cross-platform build system CMake thanks to which FreeFOAM can now be installed just like any other software and doesn’t depend on a slew of shell init scripts and a huge number of environment variables to build and run, making live easier for system administrators and users alike.

Refer to the enclosed INSTALL file for installation and usage instructions.

For an overview of the changes and new features added to FreeFOAM, consult the ChangeLog file. For the detailed list of changes, refer to the log provided by the FreeFOAM GIT repository.

If you have questions or think you found a bug, please subscribe and post to the FreeFOAM-users mailing list.

This release builds upon revision linkrepo:openfoam17[d08d3c] (2011-07-14) of the official OpenCFD® patch releases repository for OpenFOAM 1.7.x.

OpenFOAM® is a registered trademark of OpenCFD® Ltd.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard® is a registered trademark of Apple® Inc.