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Table of Contents

This file describes the most important changes made between FreeFOAM versions. It does not include changes made by the upstream developers (i.e. OpenFOAM®). For the detailed changes refer to the log provided by the GIT repository.

1. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.2

This is the second maintenance release in the FreeFOAM-0.1.x series. It only contains fixes for bugs and typos and removes non-free files. See below for the details.

Michael Wild (11)
  • FIX: Installation dirs for AsciiDoc, XHTML-UserGuide and template files

  • ENH: Remove unused files in nozzleFlow2D tutorial

  • FIX: Remove non-redistributable foamToFieldview9

  • FIX: Remove potentially non-redistributable ensightFoamReader

  • FIX: Copyright header in */forceLink.C

  • FIX: Remove potentially non-redistributable rabdata.[Ch]

  • FIX: Remove unused file XiEqns

  • FIX: Remove potentially non-redistributable files kiva3v-valves.*

  • ENH: Update docs, tutorials and completers after removal of non-free files

  • FIX: Doxygen generated file names breakage

  • ENH: Remove shebang from bash-completion script

2. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.1

This is the first maintenance release in the FreeFOAM-0.1.x series. It only contains fixes for bugs and typos. See below for the details.

Michael Wild (13)
  • ENH: Fix unclosed <div> in non-chunked docbook output

  • FIX: Invalid XHTML and wrong doctype

  • DOC: Improve README and INSTALL

  • FIX: fixupDoxygen broken; compat with old Doxygen

  • DOC: API incompatibility in Asymptote

  • DOC: Spelling in

  • FIX: Handle truncated logs in freefoam-log

  • FIX: Python3-compat and slight optimization in freefoam-log

  • FIX: Correct output directory for freefoam-log

  • FIX: New a2x (since 8.6.7) options in

  • ENH: Backport typo fixes and improvements in UserGuide

  • FIX: Missing qualifications of template-dependent names

  • FIX: dirs.html no longer created by new Doxygen versions

  • FIX: Inconsistent space/tabs in

  • STYLE: Add missing EOL at EOF

  • FIX: AsciiDoc 8.6.5 renamed some JavaScript and CSS files

  • FIX: Search order for newer versions of AsciiDoc files

  • ENH: Converted motorBike.stl to OBJ to save space

  • FIX: Remove undistributable CHEMKIN files

3. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.0

Michael Wild (24)
  • FIX: installation of css/js files in doc/CMakeLists.txt

  • ENH: Update the dashboard templates

  • FIX: Set CTEST_NIGTHLY_START_TIME in CTestConfig.cmake

  • ENH: Don’t use unitsdef in mesh_wedgeGeometry.asy

  • FIX: Directly use asciidoc+xsltproc for UserGuide-xhtml

  • DOC: Minor formatting problems in the UserGuide

  • DOC: Mention parMetis in the UserGuide

  • ENH: New dashboard scripts, documented in HACKING

  • FIX: Python exception handling across different versions

  • STYLE: Invalid encoding and typos in comments in dragModel.H

  • FIX: Don’t use dict.iter{items,values}, they don’t exist in python 3

  • FIX: md5 module does not exist in python 3

  • FIX: text encoding issues with python 3

  • STYLE: More encoding issues (non-ascii characters)

  • FIX: md5 module does not exist in python 2.7

  • FIX: Logic for not setting {SO,}VERSION for BUNDLEs


  • FIX: Require and use Python-2 to run AsciiDoc

  • DOC: Spelling of "AsciiDoc" in README

  • FIX: Make stock icons available to FOP-builds of UserGuide.pdf

  • DOC: Mention zlib as being auto-buildable in INSTALL

  • DOC: Fixed FOAM_INSTALL_*_PATH listing in INSTALL

  • DOC: Typos, formulation fixes in INSTALL

  • DOC: Updated ReleaseNotes to Ubuntu 11.10 and remove RC status

  • DOC: AsciiDoc 8.6.{5,6} depend on Python 2.5

4. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.0rc7

Henry Weller (1)
  • symmTensor: Corrected symmTensor & symmTensor dot-product

Laurence McGlashan (1)
  • BUG: mantis #157: swapUp/swapDown changed when considering first/last element

Michael Wild (15)
  • FIX: Do not set FOAM_{,SO}VERSION for MODULE libraries on APPLE

  • FIX: Search for ParaView versions up to 3.12.0

  • FIX: ParaView changed the format of the version string

  • FIX: Use --location with curl when downloading CCMIO

  • FIX: Mistake commiting bin/

  • FIX: Use pvbatch to determine ParaView version

  • FIX: subprocess.check_output was added to python 2.7, not 2.5

  • FIX: cavity case instructions in INSTALL

  • ENH: Added utility to update ChangeLog from GIT

  • STYLE: Updated FreeFOAM copyright dates

  • FIX: FindExecInfo.cmake continued although EXECINFO_INCLUDE_DIR was -NOTFOUND

  • FIX: Hardcoded paths in data/utilities/


  • FIX: Set sys.path in bin/*

  • ENH: Update FreeFOAM contributions to GPL v3

5. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.0rc6

  • Use HTTP redirects for non-free downloads to have permanent URLs in the code

  • No need to patch METIS anymore

  • Minor fixes in Python code

  • Convince AsciiDoc a2x not copy the resource files as this is handled manually

  • AsciiDoc renamed some files, adjust to that

  • Fix the nanoNozzle tutorial

  • Require CMake-2.8.2 and simplify ThirdParty downloading

  • Fix the documentation of the parRunTemplate variables in etc/controlDict

  • Unhide the terminal cursor after running the tutorials

  • Fix freefoam-log, add a -case option

  • Pass -parallel only once when running the tutorials

  • Resolve linking issues

  • Force linking against certain libraries when --as-needed is effective

  • Remove unnecessary calls to find_package for privately built dependencies

  • Fix invalid HTML in docs

  • Improve API documentation

6. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.0rc5

  • Merged with upstream (OpenFOAM-1.6.x and OpenFOAM-1.7.x), up to revision linkrepo:openfoam17[d08d3c].

  • Changed API-doc URL to be versioned.

  • Updated the design of the API-doc to match the homepage.

  • Generate a doc-index mapping application names to HTML file names.

  • Removed obsolete shell scripts.

  • Create manpages from the header comments.

  • Updated/fixed/extended header comments.

  • Added manpages for the scripts.

  • Translated all scripts to Python.

  • foamCalc accepts options properly.

  • Added work-arounds for old GCC compilers (pre-4.4).

  • Removed the ParaView plugins.

  • Reworked build system.

  • metisDecomp and scotchDecomp were extracted into separate libraries.

  • zlib can now be auto-downloaded and built if not available.

  • Print a spiffy feature summary after the configuration finished.

  • Added a rudimentary wmake compatibility layer and a simplistic wmake-to-CMake conversion script.

  • Drive the tutorial-cases using CTest.

  • Added template script for setting up a CDash client.

  • Removed gammaPstream as Gamma appears to be dead.

  • Ported the online OpenFOAM-UserGuide to AsciiDoc source and create XHTML and PDF documents from it.

  • Fixed various static initialization issues.

  • Fixed many minor bugs and added numerous small improvements.

7. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.0rc4

  • Improved building of METIS and ParMetis (no non-standard headers and feature detection of mallinfo).

  • Improved detection of backtrace() and backtrace_symbols() availability.

  • Improved detection of SIGFPE handling capabilities.

  • More flexible -doc and -srcDoc options using an index file. It is now possible to use the online documentation and have FreeFOAM output the location of the documentation file instead of trying to open it using a browser.

  • Fixed some bugs in the build system and some utility scripts.

  • Merged with upstream (OpenFOAM-1.5.x), up to revision linkrepo:openfoam[5f9a16].

8. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.0rc3

  • Fixed typo in new dummyPrintStack.C.

9. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.0rc2

  • Only print stack trace if the system supports it and then only don’t try to shell-escape and use addr2line for file/line information.

  • Use full version number for default installation directory names and use the hyphen to separate it from the directory name instead of creating a subdirectory.

  • Configure global.C instead of using preporcessor defines. This solves unnecessary recompiles of the complete OpenFOAM library.

10. Changes in FreeFOAM 0.1.0rc1

  • CMake based build system

  • New, automatically created include-structure in the build tree, corresponding to the install tree:

          Scalar.H -> includes <source_dir>/src/OpenFOAM/primitives/Scalar/Scalar.H
          Scalar.C -> includes <source_dir>/src/OpenFOAM/primitives/Scalar/Scalar.C
  • All source files (with a few exceptions) use the new #include <libname/filename> scheme

  • Renamed files/directories with ambiguous names (distinguish only through capitalization)

  • Applied B. Gschaider’s Mac OS X Patches versions 1 and 3

  • Made the interfaces of sig{Fpe,Int,Quit,Segv} OS-agnostic

  • Moved Pstream implementations into loadable modules

  • Configurable search path for plugins

  • Removed all dependencies on environment variables

  • Removed wmake build system and shell init scripts

  • Removed obsolete, useless and black-magick scripts from bin/

  • Adapted Doxygen creation to FreeFOAM

  • Use a user-configurable template string for running parallel jobs with foamJob

  • Moved non-essential utility scripts to data/utilities

  • Moved bin/tools into data/shellFunctions

  • Turned bin/{newSource,newSourceTemplate} into shell-functions

  • Added ~FreeFOAM/ to be expanded like ~OpenFOAM/

  • Improved dotFoam() search for config files

  • Rebranded source templates, Doxygen doc, IOobject::writeBanner() and the scripts in bin/

  • Do not run XiFoam/moriyoshiHomogeneousPart2 when testing

OpenFOAM® is a registered trademark of OpenCFD® Ltd.